<About Jon>

[note: this is more than 8 years old. Don’t even bother reading it.  I just save it for posterity at this point, go to https://9seeds.com/  ]

I’ve been a tech geek for a very long time, but in that time one of my overriding goals has been to make technology easier for the non-tech geeks to use and manage.  Computers don’t frustrate me, but I get why they frustrate others so I do everything I can to avoid that from happening.  That’s a huge part of why I love WordPress and building sites with it.

More than any other platform end users (that’d be you), find it easy to manage.  Now, I admit in spite of how easy it is I’ve had a few clients that are so tech phobic that they haven’t felt up to it and of course not every client has the time to do so.  That’s fine, I’m happy to stick around long after the project is complete to host and manage your site if that’s what you need, but I’ve always hated being locked into monthly contracts and proprietary systems so you’ll find none of that with me.  Because WordPress is a hugely popular open source CMS it’s easy to find others to work on your site, not just me so if you want to take your site elsewhere you’re always able to easily.

I’m not just a developer though.  I’ve been around enough businesses big and small to know what matters and how to connect with customers so I build sites with one goal in mind, what will your site’s visitors do when they see it.

  • Will they click the buy now button or go looking elsewhere?
  • Will they contact you for a quote or be afraid to give you their contact info?
  • Will the get in the car and drive to your businesses or leave your site confused?
  • Will they think you’re a serious professional or someone that had some free time to build their own website?
  • Or… Will they be overwhelmed and leave?

If you want a site that helps accomplish your business goals, talk to me.  I may think in code, but I speak in words.